whenever jewish people speak out about antisemitism, here’s how it happens when goyim notice;

1) ignore it
1a) make a snide comment about how they’re not going to stand up for jews because jews don’t stand up for X… and thus erasing the jews who are X, or who work in solidarity with X, because they have just chosen not to see

2) if it can’t be ignored, try to argue that it’s not antisemitic

3) if it is textbook antisemitism, argue that the public only cares about it because now it’s “white people” (scare quotes because antisemitism doesn’t magically pass over jews of color, not because there aren’t white jews), intentionally ignoring the fact that antisemitism is, in fact, being minimized or outright denied—and that they are active participants in that violence

4) add antisemitic insult to antisemitic injury by vaguely (or not so vaguely) implying that jews’ oppression is overblown by the [jewish-owned] media, or that jews use our oppression to further our own interests (to intentionally silence others’ oppression, to justify “our” oppression of Palestinians, whatever)

lather, rinse, repeat.

5) Argue that antisemitism does not apply to (only) Jews because Jews are not (the only) semites.

I am so so so annoyed at tumblr right now. For all of the times that I’ve seen tumblr talk about racism, misogyny, oppression, and privilege, I’d think that they’d at least give the same spiel about oppression and bigotry in the face of antisemitism. Nope, it’s not happening. It’s only Jews preaching to other Jews on here. Forget that synagogues are being destroyed in Europe, the attempted lynching in Canada isn’t a big deal either. Israel is bad. Even though Hamas has drones and rockets that are much more advanced than they were before. But Israel is the bad one, they have that scary-sounding Iron Dome. Oh wait, the Iron Dome has only been around for 3 years? Before that Israelis also perished? BUT FREE PALESTINE! Hamas is only being defensive. Oh wait, a decade ago Ehud Barak agreed to all of Fatah’s demands and Yasser Arafat refused? Today, Fatah is okay to recognize Israel as legitimate while Hamas isn’t? Oh, well, I guess those Jews should just move out. It’s not antisemitic to displace Jews across the globe in a hostile world…again and again and again. Jews shouldn’t have a homeland…because it was a state before. Oh wait, Palestine was never an actual country? It was under Ottoman rule and considered Southern Syria? Oops, those Jews should have just moved to South America, they don’t really have a connection to Israel. Oh, Jews have been praying for Jerusalem throughout the entire diaspora for thousands of years? Nahhhh, let’s send them to South America. Israel is committing atrocities! ISS just killed more people than Israel in the last week alone but nobody is protesting? It’s because the Jews are bad, man.

And the people saying these things are the same people who benefit from white Europe’s colonization of a large portion of the globe. But when Jews try to escape white Europe’s oppression, it’s inherently evil.


There are far too many people denying that violent antisemitism happened and is happening, and that it is “their” people who are responsible.

Antisemitism is not only from fascist white supremacist christians.

There is a huge antisemitism problem in the antizionist movement.

There is a huge antisemitism problem in Muslim communities too.

And in PoC communities.

(And there is likewise a huge Islamaphobia problem in Jewish communities! And with zionists too.)

Pointing out horizontal oppression isn’t engaging in bigotry. Deal with the fact it is in YOUR communities too.

Not just white people are antisemitic.

The Jews are just all fucking evil: look at Gaza. Would we really miss them if we killed them all?

First Year Political Science Major (via shitrichcollegekidssay)

You know what the scary thing is? Masada culture is a huge thing in Israel and throughout much of Judaism in general. The idea of dying for the right to keep our Jewish identities has actually been ingrained in our brains as a potential reality that we might one day have to face. I don’t think America is going to become the home to thousands of pogroms, but what’s happening in Europe is very alarming and it’s not a far stretch to say that the antisemitism might just  continue growing from where it is now. Some might call me paranoid, but history has proven for thousands of years that resentment towards Jews isn’t just the invention of the Nazis, it’s always there simmering beneath the surface.


My father was a Rabbi, and I’ve acquired a lot of different tunes for the same prayer over the course of my life as a result. Here are four tunes I know for M’Chalkel Chaim.

I changed the style of my singing based on my experiences of the different tunes. The first one was sung by the youth choir in the Shabbat morning service; the second one by the adult choir during evening services. The third was sung by a soloist on chaggim in South Africa, and the forth was sung on High Holy Days in the United States.

In the early 1940s some 100,000 Jews and Romanis died of engineered starvation and disease in the Warsaw Ghetto, another quarter of a million were transported to the death camps, and when the Ghetto rose up it was liquidated, the last 50,000 residents being either shot on the spot or sent to be murdered more hygienically in Treblinka. Don’t mistake me: every Palestinian killed in Gaza is a Palestinian too many, but there is not the remotest similarity, either in intention or in deed – even in the most grossly mis-reported deed – between Gaza and Warsaw.

Given the number of besieged and battered cities there have been in however many thousands of years of pitiless warfare there is only one explanation for this invocation of Warsaw before any of those – it is to wound Jews in their recent and most anguished history and to punish them with their own grief. Its aim is a sort of retrospective retribution, cancelling out all debts of guilt and sorrow. It is as though, by a reversal of the usual laws of cause and effect, Jewish actions of today prove that Jews had it coming to them yesterday.

Berating Jews with their own history, disinheriting them of pity, as though pity is negotiable or has a sell-by date, is the latest species of Holocaust denial, infinitely more subtle than the David Irving version with its clunking body counts and quibbles over gas-chamber capability and chimney sizes. Instead of saying the Holocaust didn’t happen, the modern sophisticated denier accepts the event in all its terrible enormity, only to accuse the Jews of trying to profit from it, either in the form of moral blackmail or downright territorial theft. According to this thinking, the Jews have betrayed the Holocaust and become unworthy of it, the true heirs to their suffering being the Palestinians. Thus, here and there throughout the world this year, Holocaust day was temporarily annulled or boycotted on account of Gaza, dead Jews being found guilty of the sins of live ones.

So this is an important quote from 2009.

Shalom Hanoch wrote this song during the second intifada. The lyrics still apply today, beautifully describes the Israeli condition.